Veró Gómez

CoMotion 2018

CoMotion 2018


The branding for CoMotion 2018 invites students and motion design professionals alike into a world of fantasy that celebrates the playful creativity of youth, which we continue to cultivate in our designs and animations every day. Through imagination, even the simplest of shapes can become anything, so as designers we are much like adult children. Together, we collaborate and combine our many visions and artistic disciplines into two days of learning and creative fellowship.



Creative Director - Sofie Lee

Executive Producer - Matt Van Rys

Technical Director - Omid Seraj

Art Director - Patrick Knip

Experiential Director - Anastasia Skrebneva

3D Lead Animator - Yunho Park

2D Lead Animator - Sam Button

Web Icon - Madison Ellis, Veró Gómez, Sofie Lee, Yunho Park, Sunny B. Yazdani


Animation & Design - Kayla Beehler, Francisco Betancourt, Sam Button, Joel Desmond, Madison Ellis, Leah Evans, Veró Gómez, Dasul Kim, Patrick Knip, Sofie Lee, James Ortwerth, Ana Margarita Ospina , Yunho Park, Augustus Rachels, Aishwarya Sadasivan, Yixin Li, Anastasia Skrebneva, Champ Techawongthawon, Taylor Thorne, Nestor Tomaselli, Matt Van Rys, Houhan Wang, Sunny B. Yazdani

Music & Sound - Woo Yong (Leo) Cho, Peter Kay, Elizabeth Wolford, Haley Bowers, Nicolas Ramirez, Jamil Houston



After Effects, Cinema 4D, Illustrator, Photoshop