Veró Gómez



Heya, I'm Veró

soy yo

I am a motion designer originally from Mexico City now based in Brooklyn, NY. A Mestiza raised in culturally rich hubs, I aspire to connect with a diverse audience through innovative design and impactful concepts.

I was first fascinated with the field of motion design in middle school, and my ambition to pursue it as a career began when I was thirteen. Since then, I've taught myself much of the Adobe Suite (beginning with god awful Photoshop designs as an early teen), became Design Director for La Liga, was part of Comotion 2018 and 2017 Branding Team, worked as a MOME Love officer at SCAD and churned out animations with Gunner. Currently shifting pixels at Buck.

Check out my resume.



Motionographer Nominee
The Rookies Peoples Choice Award and Finalist
Adobe Awards Finalist and Honorable Mention
SCAD CoMotion Best in Show
Motionographer Feature
Battle of the Boards Winner


I cherish working with talented, creative folk and jump at collaboration opportunities at hand, so don't be afraid to...